Monday, April 29, 2013

Heard Around the House: April 2013

Noah, contemplating the trinity...
"So the Holy Spirit is, like, in us?  Like where in us?  In our small intestine?"

Mylie, ready to begin nighttime devotions and Bible reading...
"Let's do our Emotions dad."

More awesome tat-tap art... a nice little mash-up of Rose and Jack, 
with Jonah being swallowed by the big fish.

Noah, on contemplating the sunrise...
"A Sunrise is like a surprise, for my eyes."

Noah, at "field day" with some other Haiti homeschoolers...
"I love Gatorade popsicles.  It's hydration in my favorite form."

A conversation between sisters at bedtime...

Presley:  "Do bears bite?"

Mylie:  "Yes, like ants, except for way more hurting-er."

Potty training has been a huge success... and we praise her often for her awesome new big girl underwear, which is probably what lead to this conversation...

Neighbor lady passing by:  "Bonswa bebe"
Presley to neighbor lady: " Bonswa"


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