Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Neck of the Woods

Here's what's going on around our neck of the woods...

We're having a gas shortage in Haiti.  We have not been able to fill our tank for about 10 days.  All stations have been out of gas.  We went out yesterday to fill it, hearing that gas was supposed to be delivered on Sunday, with no luck.  After stopping at four stations, we returned home.  We don't want to burn up any more of our 1/4 tank left, just in case we have an emergency.  We've been home bound for a week, except for a little outing Friday afternoon.  We'll try again today.  Apparently this happens pretty frequently here... lesson learned.

I'm having all kinds of conflicting emotions... homesickness, inadequacy, confusion, anger, sadness.  Most of which is connected to what I wrote a few days ago... but written with a lot more experience and clarity than mine {HERE}.  Please take time to read it.  I believe that you should not live with blinders on.  If you know more, you can do better for yourself and others.  

Two more weeks until we visit the U.S.  I am very excited to recharge, process what we have experienced for the last half of a year, and refocus the direction for the next 18 months.  We have a lot of things that need our attention while we are back, like filing our taxes, sharing with friends and family, a few meetings and presentations, and hopefully a few days away without children.  Also, a haircut.  I very much need a haircut.

That is all.

Gary made Mylie this little shop out of scraps from our yard and leftover paint.  She declared it "the best birthday present ever!"  Mylie Mae original bottle cap necklaces for sale ;)

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