Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mylie: Age 6

Dear Mylie Mae,

Today you turn six years old.  I say this every year, but I just cannot believe how big you are getting.  This year solidified that you are our most stubborn child.  You are also our greatest helper, and best big sister.  Out of all three Crazies, we were most concerned with how you would handle moving to Haiti.  It seems that you have surprised us all and made the easiest transition.  You grow more and more beautiful each day, tall too.  I see a glimmer of a sense of humor, which comes as a great relief to your parents.  You still love to create your own style, and I never even try to pick out your outfits for you any more.  You want to grow your hair down to your ankles, and I love the little curls that frame your face.  You are becoming less shy, and more daring.  You like to be someone's sidekick.  You are learning to read, and are super good at math.  You love to do puzzles, and play Sleeping Queens.  We recently discovered you are allergic to mangos, and you currently have a black eye from falling on the playground at Good Neighbor.  I love that you hold my hand whenever we go somewhere.  You have a cute laugh.  We are wondering when you will become modest, as you love to be clothes-less when we are at home.  Your sweet tooth is insatiable.  I love you so much Miss Mylie Mae, and as excited as I am to watch you grow, I know I will miss my little girl.

age 6 years and 0 days

Favorite color...  pink
Favorite food...  pancakes
What I want to be when I grow up...  a police officer
What I like most about living in Haiti...  my friends at the orphanage
What I miss most about living in the U.S...  not seeing Grammy and Pappy
What I like to do...  playing outside and coloring
Favorite friends...  Macy, Manoushka, Quinny, Will
What I liked the most about being 5... that I was old enough for having a mango (???)
What will you like the most about being 6... that I will go to big school


Andy Claypool said...

Mylie was always alot of fun to teach in the 4 yr old class at the grove, full of smiles and energy.

Pamela said...

You certainly know how to make Grammy and Pappy smile. I will figure out how to copy and print this. I want to frame it and hang it on the wall so I can see your precious face and read your precious words.

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