Monday, June 10, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Some thoughts on our first week home in Haiti...

*  Our house became infested with spiders.  Straight up Arachnaphobia up in here.  They took up residence in every conceivable space, such as inside my rain boots, across every doorway (yes, I got a web to the face as I walk into one room), and in all the cooking pots.  Let the shuddering begin.

*  The roads got worse.  I'm pretty sure it isn't just my imagination and five weeks of driving on well maintained asphalt that is playing mind tricks.  I'm blaming the rain for washing away at least 9% of our drivable roads.

*  It does not seem as hot.  I mean it is hot, and very sweaty, but I'm not dying.  Many Arizona friends have tried to comiserate alongside us... but I have news for those Arizona cry babies:  Just go inside to your air conditioned homes and places of business if you're so darn hot outside.  It is not apples to apples when a country doesn't really have air conditioning or consistent power.  Meanwhile, I'll be hot everywhere, except in our car.  That sweet ride has air.

*  My reunion with mosquito bites was not as joyous as one might expect.

*  The GNO kids were glad to see us, like running and jumping, and shouting as we rolled in.  I'm glad they missed us as much as we missed them.

*  Today Woodley, a nine year old boy from Good Neighbor, was wearing a shirt that said, "Who are all these children and why are they calling me mom?"  It made me smile.  I'm still kicking myself for not getting a picture.

*  We've used our generator three times in four days.  I am still ever so grateful each time we fire that bad boy up.  I will never take him for granted.

*  Our neighbor, Ginette, owns a little tiny shop near our house.  This is our preferred stop to buy Haitian Coke in glass bottles.  If you've never had a Haitian Coke in a glass bottle, you are missing out. When Gary stopped over yesterday to buy us some cokes for the "After the Children Have Gone to Bed Happy Hour", she was so excited to see him and started spewing forth excited Kreyol.  Gary gathered she was happy to see him and wondered how Michaela and the kids were.  I will gladly stop over to see her tomorrow.  She has the greatest smile, and treats us so kindly.  


Ashley said...

:-) You're grateful for you and your family! Way to go, Krulls! Thanks for making a difference!!!

Anonymous said...

Michaela, you are an outstanding writer (and you know your mother and I are VERY picky about such things). Your words make it is easy to picture where and how you live, and to imagine the sweetness of your neighbor and your many, many little children. I'm sure the humidity must at least be good for the complexion, if nothing else.
-Love, Aunt Pitty-Pat and Uncle Bill
P. S. We are still working on postcards for Mylie and Noah - are they still collecting? How many do they have?

Rachel said...

You had me afraid to continue after 'arachnaphobia'!

I am glad the kiddos were as happy to see you return too! That would be a wonderful feeling :)

Still grinning over your Aunt's comment above!

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