Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heard Around the House: June 2013

Noah, on Moto drivers (motorcyle drivers for hire):  
Moto drivers always look so cool.  You can't stick a nerd on one of those things, it's just not possible.

Noah's bedtime commentary:  
"When I have a wife, and it's summer time and she says 'I'm hot', I'll be like, 'You're always hot.'  I know it's disrespectful to say a girl is hot, but not if it's your wife.  I'm not going to be all kissy kissy and 'hey babe' with my wife, cause that's just not my style.  Like you and Dad.  Maybe a funny nickname, but then I'll just be like, 'Hi.'  Not all mushy and junk."

 Haiti on Ice... c'mon, that's just funny

 Gary, burning his big ole' pile of dried mango leaves.  He is so pleased with himself.

Singin, and dancin', in the rain.

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Rachel said...

Oh goodness... totally snickering at the "I'm hot" dialogue with Noah! He is a hoot and a holler!

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