Monday, May 24, 2010

Goals 2010 Revisited

I listed my goals for 2010 on New Year's Eve, with every intention of revisiting it halfway through the year to keep myself accountable, so here's the update:

1) Become a Stay-at-Home mom, and do it well- Yay! In my first full week with this new title!

2) Take a cake decorating class, or two- I finish my first class on Wednesday!

3) Take a sewing class, and sew more- Yikes, not even close.

4) Make a quilt for Sweetpea's big girl bed- Finished my part, but still need to send it away to to have my quilt top and back quilted together by a pro

5) Finish landscaping our yards- Well, almost done with the backyard, but put on hold a bit due to #1 and #12

6) Read the Bible all the way through- Have started, but I'm not half-way yet, so I better keep at it!

7) Find a new home church, and get involved- Yes! And slowly getting involved, due to my enormous social anxiety!

8) Be a good friend and make connecting with friends more of a priority- Some...

9) Have a Girlfriends weekend with my college friends- In the works...

10) Have a weekend away with Gary- Does a night away count? We're heading to a resort locally for our eighth anniversary.

11) Call out of town family at least once a month- Whoops.

12) Have a baby- In the oven, due in October :)

13) Build L'alfabeto, my Etsy shop, and spend more time on it- My summer project...

14) Participate in two Christmas Boutiques- Hmmm, maybe not realistic because of #12

15) Find, and set aside time for, a couples Bible study with Gary- We're doing it! Consistently even!

16) Spend time with God, everyday- Getting better, but honestly, its not everyday yet.

17) Pray for the things in my life that are important, consistently- Yes!

18) Expect, and pray for, a miracle of supernatural proportions for Kate- Yes! Can't wait to hear good news at the end of her treatment this month!

19) Grow out these pesky bangs (Why do I keep thinking bangs are a good idea?!)- Boy, do I know how to sabotage myself or what? Read here to get the lowdown. On this goal, I failed spectacularly (at least I have six more months to maybe get it done!)!!

20) Laugh more- Oh yes!

Well, there are a lot of reds still up there, and quite frankly a few goals that I forgot I even made, Room to grow, yes. I feel good that I have accomplished some of them at least! Did you make a list? Have you looked at it recently as a little kick in the butt?

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Brock and Lisa McKeown said...

What a great list, and how exciting a new baby!!!!

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