Monday, May 3, 2010

My Moral Dilemma

To flush, or not to flush... that is the question. I am in full blown spring cleaning mode and nothing, nothing will get in my way. I am purging all unwanted items, and organizing any thing that doesn't get obliterated in the process. Well, unfortunately for the guppies and plecostomus that are Goofball's pets, they are on the chopping block. Why? That stupid, humongous fish tank that takes up a third of the entire floor space in his room. That tank is bound for the garage sale this Saturday. So why flush? There are simply no takers for these rabbits of the fish tank world. Seriously, new babies everyday... yowza. The plecostomus sucker fish on the other hand, is truly frightening to me. This guy is no less than 8 inches long and has the strength of a grown man ('s hand). I'm not sure I have the stomach to try to flush that thing. He would probably cling to the inside pipe and flourish for the next 5 years, growing to a freakish world record length and come back up the pipe at 3am to seek it's revenge on my backside. I shudder to even consider the possibilities. So he's a different story. Does Petsmart take in stray sucker fish? Maybe I could pack him up all cute like and leave him at the doorstep at opening time. They wouldn't turn him away would they? But then I would somehow have to manage to wrangle him out of the tank, which incites a whole new slew of fears. I really want nothing to do with him.

Then there's the very un-PETA-like option (as if the first option was pro-PETA), of digging a hole in our garden, then just tossing them in to die, albeit nourishing a very tasty cucumber plant in the process. I'm afraid this will lead to many a nightmare.

What's a mom to do? These guys have got to hit the road no later than Thursday. Dead fish walking (or swimming).

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Renee said...

Nesting has set in:) Michaela, you are very talented and this could be very easy. Make a cute poster and sell the sucker fish with the tank. The cute poster will make the buyer think it was their idea to buy tank with sucker fish. It is your gift as part of the start up of the tank. DO NOT FLUSH! DO NOT BURY ALIVE! If no one takes the sucker fish, go to Pet Smart put on the tears beg for mercy. Tell then you are pregnant and CANNOT take the smell of fish. Then if they are still not convinced, cry a little. If that doesn't work, well I guess you will have to sneak to a pond, lake and dump the poor thing...I mean rascal;) good luck. I'll be praying for you.

Pamela said...

Did you put this on Facebook??? There might be some takers. I, on the other hand, do not want to know whatever happens to these creatures

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