Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Piggy Paints

I really try to be smart about our family's exposure to chemicals. I buy organic when I can, choose my cleaning products carefully, use glass instead of plastic, and we don't eat lead (bonus, right?!). I always had a little nagging voice in the back of my head when I painted Sweetpea's toenails. After all, wasn't I painting chemicals right onto her little body, just waiting to be absorbed? Recently I heard about Piggy Paints, a mom-based business that creates nail polishes and other products that don't contain the usual suspects in normal nail polishes, especially created for little girls in particular. We ordered a few colors for Sweetpea, and we love them! There was no odor at all when we painted, and they look just as pretty as a regular polish. If you're interested, they have many shades to pick from, as well as some gift sets too. If you become a Facebook Fan of theirs, they post discount codes all the time. In fact, here's the coupon code for the month of May for 15% off all orders: MAYDAY15L. And what's a ballerina princess to do with freshly painted piggies? Dance with her brother, Ironman Batman, of course!

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By the way... I wasn't paid or compensated AT ALL for posting this!! I just really like Piggy Paints and wanted to share a healthier product for our little gals :)

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