Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Step Closer

Last week, our house officially went on the market.  The good news is, our house has already been shown about a bajillion times.  Although I love a clean house, trying to LIVE in a perfectly clean house with three children is just about the most work ever.  I have also had to vacate the house a lot during the day.  We've made a lot of trips to Target, wandering her aisles hour after hour, so at this point, even Target is loosing it's appeal... a fact that I once thought was impossible.

Maybe if you're as nosy as me, you're curious about what other people's houses look like on the inside.  So, here's a peek.  Oh, and it's also to document my clean house, because that folks, is also a pretty newsworthy event.
Family Room


Dining Room/Playroom/Office combo

Buddy Boy's room

Hall bath/Master bath

Girls' Room

Master bedroom

I'll be thrilled when we make it over this major hurdle!!!

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TDM Wendy said...

House looks great. We are a real estate family (my mom, husband and brother are all a team. I still help out sometimes) so I know how stressful it is having your house on the market. I hope it sells quickly!

Rachel said...

Yes, it's hard having your house on the market and in perfect condition for short notice visits!

It looks great!

What an exciting next step :)

faith ann raider said...

Oh bless your heart! I can not even imagine trying to sell your house with 3 kids and have to get out of the way during appointments. Hey thanks so much for your comment on my blog, would you be interested in doing a guest post with some of the ideas for Christmas you've collected?

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Your house looks great! Fingers crossed for a speedy sale!

Pamela said...

I hadn't read the post for a few days, but your house shows quite well. It is a great house so now I see why you're getting so many visitors. You have designed/decorated so well.

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