Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blame Her

This little cutie may look innocent, but she's just been crowned World's Worst Napper.

In case you're wondering, naptime was my break time, my blogging time, my Sweetpea time, my crafting time, my non-baby wearing time.  But alas, she has thrown this out the window with the not sleeping...that and her constant need for love and food.

An update on our moving plans...

Gary and I will be traveling to Haiti in October.  This trip was originally planned for September.  We hope to begin looking for housing and schooling for the kids, visit a few of the areas we'll be serving in, and such.  Our house has a few offers on it, definitely a good sign, but we're not packing yet... not until it's a done deal.  We still don't have an exact move date, and that seems to be driving everyone nuts except for us.  Let's just say "Spring 2012" for all you type-A's out there.

Gary was forced had the pleasure to film a short video that they played in church on Sunday about the big move.  He said he did NOT want to watch himself up on the big screen because he felt like he didn't even know what words were coming out of his mouth.  I have to tell you, as one of the hundreds who got to watch his video debut... God must have shown up during editing, because he did a great job.

This weekend, we'll be attending the Serve the World dinner at The Grove, where we'll feast on treats from Liberia, Malawi, Thailand, and Haiti.  Rumor has it that we'll be serving up a real live (dead?) goat a la' Haiti.  Yum.
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Judy Krull said...

Katie knows about goat, I believe. From her trip to Peru. Compare recipes maybe? Don't ask her about the chicken feet in the soup tho.

Pamela said...

Is there a way to view the video???

Nancy said...

My daughters were never good nappers. I feel your pain, girl! Haiti... what a rewarding trip full of service.

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