Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Update, in Bullet Form

How can it be that it has been so long since an update?  I don't write... I don't call... oy.

There, I guilted myself for you.  

*  Presley is in the throws of full fledged potty training.  Although she exhibited signs of readiness many months ago, we thought it in her our best interest to wait until after the three local and one international moves.  I know she won't be a ten year old still wearing diapers, so the only thing we're missing out on is bragging rights for how early our little genius was potty trained.  Bravo to all you parents out there whose M.I.T. bound offspring beat our 29 month old to the coveted milestone.

*  We have a generator now, thanks to some generous friends and family.  In true God-like fashion, our generator was installed, and then the very next day city power decided to get really sparse and unpredictable.  We were able to fire up that bad boy and continue on with life as usual.  Thanks to our new power machine, we can flush the toilet and turn on the lights any darn time we please.  

*  We're finding ourselves at a crossroads, ministry speaking here.  There are so many needs, but also so many cultural differences, that we must tread lightly to find our place.  Many days, the way God uses me is not how I expected to be used.  Please pray for a friendship that is quickly turning into a discipleship type relationship that I feel woefully unequipped to represent Jesus in.

*  We are hosting our first team from our home church next week.  There is nothing, NOTHING, that gets this procrastinator to finish up dangling projects than impending guests.  I am excited to share what we have learned in Haiti so far.  Also, I am excited to eat the Cadbury Creme Eggs that my dear friend is mule-ing in for me. 

*  Yesterday Mylie told me she was cold and wore a sweatshirt.  It was 85 degrees out, and a little overcast.   I have to admit, I curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and crawled under my blanket after the kids went  to bed.  I guess we've acclimated to this sticky island heat.

*  Last week we took the kids on a field trip with several other homeschooling missionary families.  It was amazing!!  We were out of the city, and up high in the mountains.  It was brisk out, for realz.  We toured a farm and nature preserve, learned much about living green in Haiti, and hiked with the prettiest view.  Noah and I share an extreme fear of heights, and we both successfully made the drive without wetting ourselves.  Noah announced when we were back on flat land that that was the most horrific drive he had ever experienced, and that he thought we were going to die, but that it was totally worth it for the fun we had.  True dat.

*  This week I worked out for the first time since moving to Haiti.  Don't judge.  I ran one mile, in circles around our house.  That's 25 laps around our house, in case you were wondering.  
Pros:  1.  I can exercise in the safety of our yard.  2.  I can exercise while the kids play in the yard.  3. I got to listen to my music, uninterrupted.  4. I get to not feel gross from a sedentary lifestyle.

Cons:  1. I ran 25 laps around our house, and it was so freaking boring.

Pros win.


peaceliving said...

Thanks for the update! I pray for your family as you find God's place for you there. Good for you on running for 25 laps. I think I would have given up around lap 15. If you're still looking for postcards from anywhere, let me know and we'll look through our stash and have our boys write your kiddos a letter with some postcards inside for your project.

The Finder's Keepers said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog, your humor, your optimism. But I have to admit, I felt something strange in the pit of my stomach when I read the title of this post, " bullet form." I carefully scrolled down to read, so thanful to see asterisks followed by quick updates.
* Glad the pros won!

Rachel said...

You crack me up. About the running thing. Because I have SO done that! Because the only other place to run is on the trails in back (eaten by a cougar or that one wild bison... no thanks) or the highway (hit by an 18-wheeler... no thanks).

Yay for potty training and generators and chocolate guests and field trips!

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