Thursday, March 28, 2013

Super Thankful for March 28th

My very best friend was born 37 years ago on this day.  To celebrate, I'd like to share some little known facts about the birthday boy...

1.  King of the Grilled Cheese.  
Makes the very best, experimental gourmet grilled cheese.  He's a legend in our house.

2.  The designated kid puke cleaner upper.  
He's clutch, and is a rock during barf-fests.

3.  Researches things he's interested in for fun.  
He's the yin to my yang.  Where I'm all impulse, he makes rational, well thought out decisions based on hours of research.

4.  Scared of snakes.  
Screams like a girl, terrified of snakes.

5.  The only stamps in his passport are from Haiti.
Has never been to any other countries except for Canada, if you want to count Canada.  
Also, I have nothing against Canada.

6.  Once received a police commendation as a civilian for helping to save a little girl who had been kidnapped.
True story.

7.  Made a hole in one while playing in a golf tournament.
What are the odds?

8.  Lived in Arizona for 13 years and never once saw the Grand Canyon.
I hope to remedy this someday.

9.  Owns so many gray t-shirts.  So many.
Like 98% of his wardrobe is gray t-shirts.

10.  He's my favorite person on earth, is an amazing and involved father, and I'm so very thankful he was born!  
Thank you God!


Tifanni said...

We live two hours from Canada. Our only passport stamps are also from Haiti - :)

Rachel said...

Happy late late late birthday!

I want to hear the kidnap rescue story!

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