Tuesday, March 26, 2013

B and P

My parents came for their first ever Haiti experience the day after our visiting team left.  My brother left me this bit of encouragement on Facebook:

Much to the disappointment of the masses, Bob and Pam left no legendary stories in their wake.  If you know my parents and just how many stories they have provided me, this is a record.  I mean seriously.  My dad has a penchant for home improvement projects gone awry, and was a teacher at my high school with a love affair with stone washed jeans and lots of falling.  Lots and lots of falling.  My mom is an amatuer tap dancer, carries plastic grocery sacks as if they were purses, and also falls a lot.  They are a wealth of comic material.

So Bob and Pam, from all the people who were waiting on pins and needles for some epic "The Covingtons" story... thanks for nothing.

But from us Krulls, thanks for coming and spending time with these Crazies.

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