Monday, March 4, 2013

Heard Around the House: February 2013

Presley, after being called 'Peanut': "I not a peanut, I just a lil' girl!"

Presley:  "I wanna go to Good Luck Neighbor and play with the kids." (On a clearly unrelated note... we've been watching a lot.  A lot. of Good Luck Charlie)

Presley to Gary:  "You the best guy ever."

These two Crazies have been playing "Street Vendor"...

Incidentally, I just paid $2.50US for some scrap lumber and two seashells. They run two separate shops, but share their profits.  It's kinda adorable.  Mylie even carries things on her head and tells me she's being a "Haitian lady."  First step to becoming Third Culture Kids?  Check.

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Rachel said...

Okay... so you totally need a picture of her carrying stuff on her head, because that? Is impressive!

Looks like they are having fun!

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