Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Friends

In May when we were visiting Arizona, we had several difficult meetings with our church leadership.  After the two weeks in which the meetings took place, after much prayer, we made the tough decision to no longer partner with our church in ministry in Haiti.  We believe it was what needed to happen for the health of our family. 

This left us in the place of uncertainty.  At the point of returning to Haiti after our trip, we didn't feel like God was telling us that we were done in Haiti, and yet, we didn't know what to do.  We took the next month to pray, talk, seek counsel, and wait.  The options that we considered were to stay in Haiti only until October until our lease was up on our house or to seek additional financial support and commit to another year in Haiti beyond October.  During this month of waiting, we had an unexpected opportunity in ministry become an option for our family in the states.

After praying and assessing the feedback we received from our supporters, among several other factors, we have decided to return to the U.S.  To make the transition as smooth as possible, we would like Noah and Mylie to be able to start the school year at the beginning with their classmates, pushing our move date up to August.

It grieves us to leave thirty amazing children whom we love, truly love.  This is the absolute most difficult part of this decision.  The "orphan crisis" in Haiti is personal to us.  It goes beyond knowing the name of an orphan.  At GNO, we know when they are happy, or when they feel sad.  We know what they want to be when they grow up, and who is most likely to be ornery.  We don't want any of them to be orphans, we want them each to know the love of a family, biological or adoptive.  More importantly, we want nothing else more for them, than for each one to know their value and preciousness to our Lord and Savior.

Frankly, we don't fully understand God's timing, and we battle moments of feelings of defeat and failure.  Yet, we feel optimistic for where God is leading us to serve Him next.  When we originally made the decision to move to Haiti, we surrendered our own plan.  We always said we were willing to stay in Haiti for as long as God wanted us here, granted we thought that would be longer, but we are still trying to be obedient to God's plan.

Thank you, truly, for praying for our family and encouraging us along the way.  We know that we did not do this alone, and that many people are part of this story.  As a family, we are seeking opportunities for future ministry, and are actively seeking God's will.

Sincerest thanks,
Gary, Michaela, Noah, Mylie, and Presley Krull 


Connie Pangle said...

Prayers will continue for you all as you make your transition back to the States. I'm sure wherever God directs you is going to be just right for you.
Will you be returning to AZ?
Love and prayers for a safe journey.

Rachel said...

Oh gosh... change so often hurts. And sometimes it's PEOPLE that do the hurting. Or decisions we don't understand.

So very thankful that you are putting this in God's hands - knowing that He is still faithful to guide you and nothing comes as a surprise to Him.

Thank you for sharing your Haiti with us. Will continue to pray for your kiddos there.

Tifanni said...

Wow, praying for you guys as surely this is so tough for your family.

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