Monday, March 7, 2011

L'alfabeto Giveaway!

Happy Monday friends!  Little Gal and I just got home from a long weekend visiting my brother and future sister-in-law in Detroit, and boy oh boy, I am so happy to be home!  It snowed.  I mean snow snowed.  And I drove in it and almost had a heart attack.  I don't know how you all do it, but this Arizona gal was freezing!!!  The 78 degrees and sun welcomed me back nicely (as well as two sick Crazies... poor things).

In other news... head over to Angel Face Designs' blog for a $20 shop credit from my little shop.  Good luck!
p.s.  This little travel buddy is one dreamy baby... I think she cried once, otherwise it was all smiles.  Love this crazy lady.
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Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

Glad you had a lovely trip! And hooray for shop credit- love Heather's blog, too. :)

MalaYQue said...

Love your blog! Good reading. :-)

Emily Golding said...

LOVE your etsy stinkin' creative!

Rachel said...

Oh she is darling!!! I had a dream travel baby too - and now? I am terrified to get on a plane with my active little guy, hee hee! :) Glad you made it back safe - through snow and all!

The Momma/Nanny said...

Dude, I live in Michigan and the the week before last we had an ice storm that caused this. That's our truck in the picture.
I am jealous of your 78'.... a lot. :P

Autumn said...

Just found your blog through Angel Face Designs!! Love reading through all your posts and Love your Etsy shop! Been looking for some cool unique letters for our new baby's room!

Tonia said...

Just wanted to say that your flying partner is a cutesy baby! Lovely!

Also, I am loving your etsy shop!!

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