Monday, March 21, 2011

Wait! I'm Not Ready!

I guess this could apply to anyone, but lately as a parent, I'm feeling like life is in fast forward.  The small things and milestones that I was so excited for my children to reach, seem to get here and I think to myself, "wait a second, I'm not ready yet!"  Even small things are really making my heart ache lately.  For instance, Babycakes rolling over.  It is precious, and even the Crazies love to cheer her on, which only makes her want to do it over and over again.  Sweetpea no longer falls out of the bed, nor does she need the bed rail to keep her in the bed.  She just sleeps like a regular old kid.  And although I'm thrilled that she no longer takes sleepy headers into the ground, it means she is getting older.  Ouch.  Buddy Boy used to be thrilled to jump as high as he could to touch the garage door opener, and was so proud on days he could actually do it himself, and then today without any fanfare, and without me even noticing right away, he just tapped the button like it wasn't a big deal.  When did this happen?
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Rachel said...

Oh! Oh! Growing up is so bittersweet -- I totally relate!

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