Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today I wore dangle-y earrings, which is pretty rare for me... I heard the jingly noise they were making and I thought a dog was chasing me.  I almost started running.

Items that seem like they inherently need to be refrigerated, but aren't, such as cheese, gross me out to the max.  i.e.  Velveeta.

I just don't get it... is it pronounced "real-tor" or "real-a-ter"

My son is picking up on my love of words.  I so enjoy the random times he hears a word, repeats it, and tells me he loves the sound of that word.  His recent favorites:  tiramisu, Gonzaga, and inspire.

I don't like Skype.  I find it awkward and lose all focus on the conversation.
That is all.
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Amanda said...

Horizon Organic Milk boxes. It's milk!!!! It should be in the refrigerator. Did you know Bisquick is supposed to be refrigerated? My mom thinks I am nuts for keeping it in there.

Erin said...

I feel the same way about Skype, but I dislike it because I feel like I need to have my hair done, makeup on and room clean. It's like having people over. My brother in law created little mock up puppets of Scott and I so we can use them when we use skype. The mouths move and everything :)

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