Monday, March 28, 2011

She's Listening

We were driving through our neighborhood today when Buddy Boy asked what the blue signs in front of some of the houses were.  I told him they were ADT signs that meant that the house had an alarm system, so maybe burglars would see the sign and not break in because that house had an alarm system.  He then asked if we had an alarm on our house.  I told him no (insert warning to would-be thieves or ne'er do wells... my husband's pretty fierce and strong, and I can pack a good wallop if protecting my young ones... so be warned).  Slightly concerned he asked, "Why don't burglars break into our house?"  Sweetpea promptly replies, "It's because of our guardian angels protecting us."

Oh good... I guess when it matters she does listen.  She sure can fool me into thinking she doesn't hear a word I say ;)
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