Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday My Friend!

My friend Candace (a.k.a. Cando) is one of my most stylish and intelligent (I threw that in because she just completed her Masters Degree and 3000+ hours of internship hours to become a counselor!) friends. We were roommates in college and for a while after college too. So in honor of my dear Cando's big 3-0 coming up in a few weeks, I have finally fulfilled a request of hers that came over two years ago.

Step 1: Brave the stinky Goodwill near my house, rummage through some heinous frames. Found this gem.

Step 2: Remove the "God Bless America" masterpiece.

Steps 3 and 4: Paint the fake gold leaf frame, insert some wire mesh.

And Voila! A new jewelry frame just waiting to be bedazzled!

Happy birthday friend! Now... you seriously owe me a visit! Stop breaking your legs so you can come visit after it cools down!

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