Saturday, July 25, 2009

He Made My Day

So, the last few days have been challenging as a parent. Goofball is a wild man. He is stubborn, inquisitive, and has never ending energy. He never stops moving. Never. In a nutshell, this boy is exhausting.

But man, is he sweet! He woke up from his nap, came out the the family room for some snuggles, and out of the blue said to me, "Mom, you're the perfect mom for me, we just fit."

Wow. That just made the hurricane house, frenzied grocery store trip, thrown toy into the ceiling fan light, and spilled milk at lunch disappear.

Parenting is hard. Just when I think I'm not cut out for the job, God sends a little reminder, in the form of Goofball, to spur me on to do my best. I love this kid.

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