Thursday, July 23, 2009

Please Join Me

Three weeks ago, our friends the McRaes found out that their five year old daughter, Kate, has a brain tumor. Since that time, Kate has undergone tests that determined that it is indeed malignant. She went through surgery that removed about 40% of the tumor, leaving the rest as inoperable. Today, she began the long road of chemo. I know that so many families have been affected by cancer, and yet somehow, it seems even more painful in the life of a child.

Three weeks ago, this gorgeous girl was running, laughing, playing American Girls with her sister, swimming with her brother, getting ready to start kindergarten next month. Now she is relearning how to walk, talk, and preparing to fight for her life.

I share this with you not to exploit their pain, but to ask you simply to join with so many others in prayer for complete and miraculous healing. Below is a video that her dad, Aaron, filmed a few days ago.

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velvetwoods said...

Kate is such a gorgeous girl.I'm sending Kate healing thoughts and love.I hope you get better soon Kate,Keep smiling your lovely smile. xoxox velvetwoods

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