Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Hero

So G is my hero for many many reasons (*swoon*), but last night he just proved it once again. Many of our friends are aware of our yard renovation saga. Long story short, we've lived in our house for over six years, and still have a dirt pile in both the front and the back. We are living my nightmare as the neighborhood's most ghetto house. It's not for lack of effort... just lots of ripping out the old (fence, trees, humongous cacti) and saving enough to do it without going into debt. Anywho... our new sprinkler and drip system is in pieces in my dining room just waiting to be installed. G wants to do it all himself, so last night he attempted the plumbing connecting it to the main water line into the house. It was a high of 115 degrees yesterday, just miserable.

So 4 hours, one sweat soaked shirt, and a trip to Home Depot later... we discovered we need to hire a professional. I am so thankful I have such a hard working husband!
Meanwhile, the Crazies and I kept busy indoors until the kids' bedtime. Here is Goofball flying the sweet new jet that he "built"...
And here's Sweetpea playing with some fabric circles. I'm not too sure what is was that she was trying to accomplish, but she was very particular about it and screamed if you accidentally moved one. Side note: please ignore the finger print smears on the fridge.
And me? Clearly I wasn't cleaning (see picture above), I was making a fabric book mark... but then I got carried away and made about 25. Each of my students will be getting one as a "Welcome Back to School" gift. I'm looping up with my class from last year. I know them well and love them a ton, so I have a specific one for each of them. That leaves a few extra... so see the next post :)

We're off to start a new day, trying to think of ways to stay cool and entertained!

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