Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Long, It's Been Real

So today I did something that has been a long time coming, I donated my wedding dress to Goodwill. After a short stint on Craigslist a few years ago, the only response I got was from some pervert asking me to email him pictures of me in the dress. Yeah right.

It's not like I haven't entertained all of the possibilities. Sell it. Save it for Sweetpea. Donate. Preserve it for posterity. Quite frankly, it was just taking up too much closet space in our severely-lacking-in-storage home. I am sentimental, but I have pictures right?! Besides, it's not like this mamma's ever going to fit back into that thing, nor will I need to.

So, with a little bit of sadness, I said goodbye to the most beautiful and special dress that I have ever owned. Just out of curiosity, am I alone? What did you do with your wedding dress?


Erin said...

Mine is still hanging in the closet though I have thought of donating it to charities that sell them for battered women and children. Just can't seem to part with it even though I really didn't like it.

What did your dress look like? I never saw any of your wedding pics. I bet you were stunning!

Sara said...

I have hung onto mine.... It wasnt my DREAM wedding dress, but I loved it none the less.... I was married under unusual circumstances... I was 23 weeks preggo with our daughter during XMas week, I went into preterm labor.... he proposed Xmas morning with a wedding planned for new years already (He planned this for 3 months w/o me ever knowing!!!) So, with in a week, I planned a funeral and my wedding.... I did find my dream dress in my price range, but I was still severly "bloated" from a c-section and infections. ugh. I will probably keep it forever. My mom, sis, grandma, and so have. lol

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