Monday, January 24, 2011

B-List Magnet

So, not to brag or anything, but I've had quite a few brushes with fame.  Would you like to meet someone famous?  Yes?  Come hang out with me for a week and I'll make it happen. 
Who went to junior high with the STAR of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?
This girl!  Well, I use the word "Star" very loosely here, as she was actually an extra who can be seen running past Napoleon Bonaparte in the scene at Chuck E. Cheese's.  But my hometown of Tempe, Arizona was the location of most of the filming of the movie, so I have actually slid down the same waterslide at Golfland ...bowled at the same bowling alley... even had ice cream at the same ice cream shop.

 Then there's the time I met, as in "ran to the stage past security to throw my 85 pound 7th grade body to the feet of a teal leather-pants-clad Gunnar Nelson of the early 90's band Nelson.  Jealous?  I thought you might be.

Who chased down Richard Simmons in the LAX airport?  Me again.  And yes, he was actually wearing he teeny tiny red and white striped shorts and bedazzled red "Sweatin' to the Oldies" man-tank.

In high school I walked past Lou Diamond Phillips on a bridge at a beach in Santa Monica...

...only to pose with Mark Harmon later that very same day for a picture.

Why, just last month I saw my BFF Alice Cooper at Grady Gammage Theatre on the campus of ASU to see Young Frankenstein.  I said, "Hey Alice" (in my mind), and he responded with "How's it going" (in a very friendly glance that spoke volumes).

So seriously come visit me.  I hear Gary Busey is in town, I'm sure we could run into him.
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Lisa said...

You are a very funny girl! Thanks for making me laugh. :0)

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