Saturday, January 1, 2011

{1-1-11} The Goals

1.  Lose 35 pounds, yep, how cliche... but seriously
2. Re-design my Etsy shop
3. Sell my wares at two Christmas boutiques
4. Run a 5K
5. Landscape our front yard
6. Finish reading my Bible the whole way through
7. Read 12 new books
8. Play with my kids, everyday
9. Start and finish Babycakes' baby book
10.  Start our "A Krull Christmas" scrapbook
11. Spend a weekend away with Gary
12. Sleep through the night... I need some cooperation from Babycakes on this one
13. Eat breakfast every morning
14.  Pray...about where God wants our family, and what He wants us doing
15.  Take a sewing class

This list is much shorter than last year's... I guess I'm not nearly as ambitious.  Or more realistic.  Or just plain tired (see #12).  A few of last year's goals didn't get accomplished, so they ended up on my new list.  Did you make a 2011 list of goals?  Resolutions?  Reflections on 2010?
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Rachel said...

I would love to take a sewing class too! Too bad we don't live closer!

I adore your Christmas card in the earlier post... when I saw it, I totally drooled and went to see the designs! I have it listed as a favorite for next year!

Happy New Year (and thanks for the sweet comment about Itty Bit - he's on the mend after a quiet day at home!)

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