Friday, January 14, 2011

The Crazies' Favorites

I love the idea of documenting my Crazies as they grow.  My goal is to ask these same questions every January until they are grown.  I bet some answers will stay the same (like Buddy Boy's favorite color... which he has shown a preference for since he was just a baby!).  Here they are, the favorite things of the two biggest Crazies.
 Buddy Boy's Favorites
Color:  Green
Food:  Chicken Wings
Drink: Sprite
Dessert or Treat:  Ice Cream
Toy:  Batman Motorcycle
TV Show:  Alfred the Hedgehog
Game to Play:  Candyland
Car:  Cadillac
Friend:  Davis
Song:  Justin Beiber
Thing to do with Daddy:  Play soccer
Thing to do with Mommy:  Get hot chocolate
About Mylie:  She's my sister
About Presley:  She's adorable
About School:  Get to learn
When I grow up:  I want to be in the Army

Sweetpea's Favorites
Color:  Pink and Purple
Food:  Applesauce
Drink:  Lemonade
Dessert or Treat:  Cake
Toy:  My Princess Dress
TV Show:  Elf Movie
Game to Play:  Candyland
Car:  Pink car with a rainbow on it
Friend:  Will
Song:  No More Lemonade (a song she wrote herself) and Throw Up Your Rock Fist
Thing to do with Daddy:  Play soccer
Thing to do with Mommy:  Go on a bike ride
About Noah:  He plays in the house with me
About Presley:  When she smiles at me
School:  Playing Starfall
When I Grow Up:  I'm going to marry Noah... and be in the Army because girls can be in the Army

Baby Cakes' Favorites
Pretty much Mom is her favorite everything... but not for long :)  I secretly love this phase when the world begins and ends with Mom, everything I do is her favorite, I alone am the expert in all of her noises and needs, the one she wants when she cries.  It won't be long until she discovers how great her Dad is, and how much fun he is to play with, then of course her first word will be Dada, and she'll have him trying to figure out why he ever thought he wanted another son instead of this sweet sweet little lady.
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Mel said...

Marry Noah LOL. So cute!

As for the mama stage...also my favorite! We had a short mama phase at the beginning before it was all daddy all the time. Now she's back into the mama phase at 16 months and I love it. Daddy, on the other hand, is super jealous. I figure I have about 6 more months until she's a daddy's girl for good.

Rachel said...

SOOO CUTE! I love those answers - and Presley Kate is beyond adorable!

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