Thursday, February 17, 2011


Have I mentioned that we celebrate half birthdays around these parts?  We do, and I love it.  This year my mom took me, and The Crazies, out to lunch at one of my favorites.  I was gifted the traditional "my age in gift certificates and/or cold hard cash", $20 to Starbucks, $10 to Chipotle, and $2.50 in cash.  Sweet.
Then, in typical Pam fashion (that's my mom), she did what Gary and I like to call, "Pulled a Pam".  Martha Stewart she is not.  Creative?  Yes.  It's the follow through, the details in which she lacks.  You see, each year my mom makes me half a birthday cake on my half birthday.  See, I told you she was creative.  She's been doing this for as long as I can remember.  On our way to the car after eating, she tells me to come to her car so she can give me something.  At this point, I assume it will be half a cake.  We reach her car door, when she pulls out a virtual kitchen.  Oh she baked a cake alright, only it wasn't quite done when she ran out of her house, willy nilly, to meet me for lunch. 
On her car floor, I see an angel food cake, upside down on a wine bottle, a paper plate, and a knife.  "Here, hold this while I cut it in half" she says.  So in between two parked cars, we flop half a cake onto a paper plate.  Happy Half Birthday!  I tell her, "I'm so blogging this."  I really don't think people believe half of my stories about my parents.  Don't even get me started on Bob (my dad)... a treasure trove of embarrassing high school moments.  So mom, thank you for the great laughs on my half birthday.  Truly memorable, which I'm positive is what you were going for ;)
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Rachel said...

I totally heart your mom! How fun! Happy 32.5!

SweetSugarBelle said...

=-) Me too, girl, me too!

Welcome! said...

Ha ha! You guys seriously have so much fun! I love it!!

Christi said...

I am now a follower just after reading this one post. my mom is the SAME way.

Rachel said...

Oh I LOVE this idea! That is so sweet of your mum and such a fun memory. Do you do this for your kids too?

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