Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love is Grand

We've been in full on Valentine's mode at our house this week.  Today we completed Buddy Boy's classic shoebox valentine mailbox for school.  Next up are cookies, garland, and our family Valentine dinner.  In case you missed it a few weeks ago, I guest posted these ideas for Valentines over at 30 Days.

Here are three ideas, one for your Mr. Right, one for kids, and maybe one for those far away family.  Really though, all three ideas can be suited for anyone in your life who you want to send a special 'I love you' to this February.

1.  Scraps of paper, or if you want to get all fancy, some coordinating scrapbook paper
2.  Tiny Hershey's candy bars
3.  Googly eyes
Wrap the candy bars in some strips of paper, making them narrow enough so the silver of the wrapper is exposed, this will be the robot's body.  Next, use strips of silvery paper for the legs and arms, fan fold these little strips to create some dimension and lines.  Use a rectangle of silver paper for the head, google eyes, and let your kid go to town drawing mouths with the red sharpie.  Piece these guys together and add as much embellishment and details to create the perfect looking robots.  These are for my son's class, so they are as boyish as I could muster for his sake.  And to come clean... I found this idea in a scrapbook magazine.  Handmade boy ideas are hard to come by, or am I the only one with this problem?!

Love Pills:
1.  100 water soluble pill capsules (I got mine from Whole Foods in the medicinal area... don't ask me why someone might want to make their own medicine, I'm just glad to be able to buy them)
2.   100 thin strips of paper (pink, red, white)
3.   100 reasons why I love the Mister

First, write a special sentiment or reason why you adore your special someone on the first strip of paper. Next, tightly roll it up. Last, open capsule and insert paper. Repeat 100 times. When I'm done, I'm going to package them up in a cute jar and My Dream Boat has 100 days of loving affirmations from his adoring wife.

3-D Photo Valentines
1.  A photo of your cuties, one making a fist
2.  Heart lollipops

Take a picture of your cutie(s), one making a fist.  When taking the picture keep in mind that a lollipop will be covering the area of the picture above the fist.  Using a simple background makes this easier.  Add some text for your Valentine greeting.  I used (if you've never used this, you must!!!).  I love picnik because it is super easy to use for this non-photographer and nearly computer illiterate gal, and you can do a ton using the free features.  Mount the photograph onto some colorful cardstock to add some weight.  Using an exacto knife, cut a slit about 1/4 inch wide on top and just below the fist in the picture.  Add a lollipop through these slits, and voila!  An adorable Valentine to send to family!  These are going to out of state grandparents and aunts and uncles, who don't get nearly enough time with these Crazies!

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