Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monumental Events

February has already been chock full of monumental events for The Crazies.

For weeks leading up to Sweetpea's third birthday last April, all she talked about was riding a pony at "Cowboy Town".  We planned her entire day around this ride.  When we arrived, she was devastated to be rejected because of her short stature.  She was just too darn short.  I tried to convince the 16 year old attendant that he was crushing my baby girl's dream, but alas, he said he would lose his job.  Fine.  We went to our friends' daughter's party last weekend, and there were ponies!  This girl rode that pony until the other kids were crying for another turn and he had nasty horse froth around his crazy pony teeth.  She was in heaven.

Buddy Boy has been in Kindergarten for 112 days.  The 100th day was monumental.

This girl discovered a new trick, a spectacular source of slobbery entertainment. (Don't worry, the video is short enough that even non-grandparents can tolerate it)

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