Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Bits

Buddy Boy lost his other front tooth, making him look a whole lot less hillbilly, and as Gary and I agreed last night, a whole lot more bat-like.  He has officially entered the Awkward Phase, the great equalizer of childhood that even the most adorable of kids cannot escape.  I still think he's adorable, but let's face it... Snaggletooth's a'comin.

We went hiking with all three kids and it was fantastic.  The weather was perfect, the kids hiked like champs, and Babycakes dangled there like a little gem.  It was so fun.  My favorite part was watching Sweetpea run, RUN, up the last incline and jump around, Rocky Balboa style, at the top in victory.

Last night I fork-stabbed my thumb. I was poking holes in raw potatoes to bake them. Do you know the force involved to stab a raw potato, with a dull fork? A lot. I jabbed my thumb full force, and literally had to pull it out. Yes there was blood. And maybe a few not nice words. Even in the pain, Gary and I were totally laughing because who fork-stabs themselves?! I mean really, I would like to know.

The Crazies got some Michigan gear from their Favorite Aunt Katie.  They love their new shirts!

Did you notice my little blog makeover?  I think Sharon of Redbud Designs is so talented.  She redesigned my etsy shop too, and it's as if she crawled inside my brain and came up with exactly what I wanted.  I'd love for you to stop in :)

Babycakes, Grammy, and I will be headed to Detroit this weekend to attend the bridal shower of my soon to be sister-in-law.  I can't wait to see these two crazy lovebirds...

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Stunning- said...

ooo that super awkward phase of life is so fun! I was just thinking about how cute your blog was when I read about the make-over, great job!

I guess it's okay that the Crazies root for U of M... (I'm an MSU student!)

Rachel said...

Your new blog design is so fun! And I love Redbud Designs!!!

Anonymous said...

I fork stabbed myself last night in the thumb. You're not the only one. haha

Anonymous said...

just fork stabbed myself ugh... also while preparing to bake a potato. it hurts like heck!!

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