Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Road Map

Have I mentioned my kids are quite crazy, hence the nickname "The Crazies"?  Well, they are.  Not so much the littlest Babycakes, but I'm sure she'll catch up.  Buddy Boy and Sweetpea, on the other hand, are really giving us a run for our money.  I'll admit that some nights I go to bed feeling like a pretty sucky mom.

As a teacher, I always planned my lessons with the end goal in mind.  That is, what I wanted my students to learn, so that each lesson got them closer and closer to the final skill to master.  Shouldn't parenting be just like that?  There are tons of characteristics we desperately want our children to possess... or NOT to possess!  So how do we get them there?  Gary and I have started working on our Family Road Map.  This tool has been wonderful for us in shaping and planning our family dynamics, to be more intentional about how we raise our children.  Sure, most families want their kids to be kind, generous, loving, patient, trustworthy... I guess I could go on, but what do we need to do each day as parents to instill these values?

I don't think I naturally possess wisdom in this area... the ability to think critically about just how to be intentional with my actions and daily interactions with my kids.  Sometimes it seems simple, but I don't want to just throw a bunch of good stuff out there and hope that it sticks, I want us to create a home culture that promotes these things.

This little workbook packs a BIG punch, in a little package.  It works like this:  the parents get to go on dates (!!!) to complete each section.  That way, the mom and dad get to be focused on the conversation and not distracted by the little ones or other household duties.  The conversations not only help you and your spouse shape how you want your family to be, we found that they also helped us draw closer to one another, which isn't that the point of spending quality time together on dates with your spouse all about?

I encourage you to get this book and start living in a way that will teach your kids what you want them to learn.  And although it would be totally cool if my opinion meant so much that I had been paid to do this endorsement, it isn't... and I didn't.  Gary and I just really appreciate this tool and know that other families will benefit as well.
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