Friday, June 17, 2011

Mammaw's Postcards

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with my Mammaw (grandma) so she could go through all of her photo albums with me and tell me her stories.  She had some great ones.  I took my favorites from each album and put together one scrapbook of her "Life Story".  It was really fun to see her look at it, and more so... to see her whole family looking through it and sharing her stories.   It is so important to learn people's stories, and it is important for us to share our own with others.  I loved it.  

While going through her keepsakes, she gave me a huge stack of old postcards, most from the 1930's and 40's, that she and my Pappaw had sent each other.  They are amazing!  Those postcards sat in a closet for about a year before I thought of how I'd like to display them.  I wanted to be able to see their handwriting and messages on some, and on other's, I wanted to see the amazing nostalgia on the front.  The picture quality isn't great, as there is some serious glare, but you can get the idea at least.

I bough a huge frame for only about $10 from Ikea that came with a matte.  I just put them in a collage, with some facing up so I could see the picture, while others with sweet messages, I placed so I could read them.
My Pappaw was in the Navy, and was stationed in San Diego for a while before they were married.  Many of the postcards were sent while he was in basic training.

Other's were sent from New York City during the World's Fair in the 1930's from my Mammaw who was on a trip with her sorority sisters.
I love all of the colors, postmarks, and vintage feel of them all.  But mostly, I love having a keepsake of my grandparents to look at every day.  

How do you display family heirlooms and collectibles in a modern way?  I'd love for you to share an idea!
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Erin said...

I absolutely love this! What a great piece of art and family history. Awesomesauce.

Emily Golding said...

Love it...really, really cool!

Rachel said...

Those are just priceless treasures... WOW. I can only imagine what a wonderful connection those are for you!

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