Monday, June 6, 2011

Someday I'll Get it Together

So you may instantly realize this post is void of pictures.  There's a logical, if not good, reason for that.  I can't find the cord to the camera.  If I could post a picture, it would be one of my totally chaotic house... we're talking crumbs on the kitchen counter from two days ago, kids' dirty clothes strewn about as they undressed on their way to their rooms, the stroller completely open from our indoors walk during grouchy hour yesterday, and a whirlwind of toys in every. single. room.  Bathrooms and all.  It seems that I never fully recovered from our vacation two weeks ago and I'm still totally lazy.  So, in honor of a new week, today I commit to cleaning the kitchen and putting my sewing machine away.  Baby steps, people.  Plus, I'll get a whole mess of snuggle time with the babe while the big kids are at church every morning this week.  Yahoo!

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